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The 5SR District U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Materials Center Online Store is open to all Auxiliarists no matter what District you are in. Reminder, we cannot add to orders. Our site does not store information for security purposes. You can complete a second order and I can assist with lowering additional postage cost depending on items added. All orders are placed online, no phone orders. If you leave me a voicemail or e-mail, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for shopping with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Materials Center Online Store.
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Riggers belt for ODU Uniform
Riggers belt for ODU Uniform (Stock # 6010)
$ 5.00
Black Web Belt 44
Black Web Belt, regular 44 (Stock # 60431)
$ 6.05
Black Web Belt 50
Black Web Belt, XL 50 (Stock # 60432)
$ 6.40
Black Web Belt 60
Black Web Belt, XXL 60 (Stock # 60439)
$ 7.05
Plain Buckle
Plain Buckle (Stock # 60435)
$ 4.40
Buckle w Aux Emblem
Buckle with Auxiliary Emblem (Stock # 60437)
$ 13.40