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5th District U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Materials Center Online Store is Open to all Auxiliarist no matter what District youíre in. Reminder we cannot add to orders our site doesn't store information for security purposes. You can complete a second order and I can assist with lowering additional postage cost depending on items added. All orders are done online no phone orders. If you leave me a voicemail or email I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks
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  The District Store website is run by a working volunteer. You can email me questions and I will answer ASAP. Please allow 7-14 days shipping, doesn't include Holidays or weekends. We can not do over night processing on orders. Sew on Name tape and Auxiliary tapes and embroidered Polo's may take longer for processing apx 2-4 weeks. If you leave a message I will get back to you!
ďPatience is a VirtueĒ When some people want something, they want it now. They demand to have it now. They donít have time to wait. They will take what they can get now, rather than waiting a little for something better. Weíre all equally guilty of wanting something immediately, or sooner rather than later, at one point or another. We canít afford to wait. Time is money. Waiting means we wonít have what we want today. We may miss out on something we can experience now. We donít want to wait for tomorrow. Even when we decide to wait, we become jittery. We donít know what to do with ourselves. After a while, our patience wears thin, and we begin looking for instant gratification. When we get it sooner than expected, we heave a sigh of relieve. Aaaaaahhhhh, we got it. But did we really get what we were waiting for, or did we lower our standards to get it sooner? We accept a smaller piece of what we were waiting for in exchange for instant gratification. Why not, tomorrow may never come. Why not take a little less today? Why not get some gratification today rather than a lot more gratification tomorrow and possibly the rest of our lives? Because today is here and tomorrow may never come. This is an instinct weíre born with: the instinct to satisfy our needs whenever weíre able to. This is an instinct we picked up from the dawn of time: take what you can now, since you may not get the chance tomorrow. Patience goes counter to our instincts. Patience is something which must be learned and practiced. It isnít something which comes naturally to us. Those who master patience become more successful than those who canít. They know that waiting for long term gratification is much better than accepting temporary instant gratification. They know that going slow and doing something right is much better than rushing and doing half a job, or worse, doing it wrong and having to repeat it, which will take longer than if they had waited. These are the people who donít have the time or money to do something right, but manage to find much more of both when something breaks and must be fixed now. These people are you and me. This is why patience, being able to wait, is a desirable quality. It is difficult to have the moral integrity to forego instant gratification in exchange for something better at a later date. This is why it is a virtue. Those who have that virtue have truly understood that it is better to wait for tomorrow to take the full reward, rather than taking a small sample today
The Fifth District (SR) Online Material has acquired ODUs (untucked) at $40/set or $20 for either the pants or shirts. Please e-mail for order form at we have only a limited amount of sizes available. Get your ODU while they last! MARKED DOWN! We are currently out some items and we will not be replacing them.

Thank you for shopping with us. We hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience.
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